Saturday, September 27, 2008

Worn Out!

Today was the day of birthday celebrations! The kids and I had a birthday party at Pump It Up which is one of those indoor jump on the blow up stuff places! It was totally fun! Avery LOVED it! She so badly wanted to be with the big kids and jump and play and all that stuff! I spent more of the 1 and ½ chasing her around! I think I was as exhausted as the kids were! Those both took long naps when we got home!

Then this evening we got to spend celebrating our good friend George’s 50th birthday! What a good time that was! I feel blessed after 2 consecutive evenings with really good friends! I could do that every night of the week! I of course love to a good time, and hate to miss a party of any kind and love to have one for any reason!!

So as I head off to bed – I’m feeling very blessed to have some truly wonderful people in my life!

And a BIG HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to George!!!

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