Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy and Fun

This week is proving to be a very busy week! The kids and I leave Sunday for Cherry Grove SC. We’ll be there 2 weeks! The first week my parents have the condo. My cousin Wendy, her husband Steve and daughter Mandy will be coming to spend the week with us as well! I’m really looking forward to that; since Wendy and her family live in New Jersey and I haven’t seen them in I don’t even know how long! Then Chanda (my sister) and her boyfriend Tony will be down toward the end of the week – and David will be down after work on Wednesday night! It’ll be a good time for sure – as it always has been in the past!

Then the second week my in laws will be down (they get to stay the rest of the month of October!!) and we’ll spend the week with them and my brother in law and sister in law and my niece!

It’s really a blessing to like your family enough to spend 2 weeks with them! I do and I’m SO EXCITED about it!!

But this week – the getting ready week – is busy, busy, busy! Since Mom and Dad travel to SC from their home in GA it’s hard for them to pack a lot of stuff – so I pack most of what we’ll need as far as sheets, towels, kitchen stuff (that the condo doesn’t already have), our beach chairs, umbrellas, cooler, laundry detergent, and then all the stuff for myself and the kids!! Its fun packing and when I do I get even more excited, but it’s a lot of work! Then there’s the house to take care of (which for those of you who know and love me know – housekeeping isn’t my favorite thing to do!) cause I HATE coming home to a mess! It’s nice to just come home and not have to worry about cleaning and all that stuff! So I’ve got a good bit of cleaning, laundry and other such stuff to take care of!

So why you may ask, and I taking time to blog? Well – 2 reasons – one I will have limited access to my computer while at the beach! And two – my coffee isn’t gone yet, and Avery’s still sleeping!

It is however time for President Bush to be on TV, so I’m off to hear what he has to say today!


Jessi said...

That's so cool that Steve, Wendy and Mandy will be spending time w/ya'll!!

Hope you all have an awesome time!!

And, aarrgh...I completely forgot about the president being on this morning! Guess I'll have to catch it on YouTube or something...

Anyway, enjoy your vacation!!!

Holly said...

It'll be fun for sure... maybe one year you guys can come?!?! Who knows, we seem to be sharing the time with different family members each year!!