Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The sun is shining – well partly (I’ll take it, it’s not raining!) – and the day has been productive so far, I’ve done 4 loads of laundry, vacuumed my downstairs, cleaned the master bath, cleaned the hardwoods in the kitchen, and started packing to be gone to the beach! Woo… tired just typing about it! I hate it when there’s a ton to get done but I love it when I can get things done, and feel good about them!

I have been having some very funny and interesting conversations with Luke lately! He’s really growing up and he’s starting to ask some of the hard life questions. For example – the other night in the bath tub he asked me where air comes from? I told him I didn’t think I could answer that question – that was one he would have to ask his Daddy! 

Then yesterday in the car he asked me where God lived. So we talked a bit about heaven and what a wonderful place it is and how one day when he asks Jesus into his heart he can go and live in heaven with God! On the other hand, I’ve also been telling him at night time (he doesn’t seem to want to go to sleep “by himself) that he’s not alone, that Jesus is with him – always no matter where he goes! So explaining how God can be in heaven but with him always - not an easy thing to do! He seemed satisfied with my answers and moved on to something else (big trucks I believe it was!).

His questions reminded me of how critical this age is and how important it is that he sees Jesus in my life so that he will want Jesus in his life too! I pray continually for his (and Avery’s) tender young heart! It’s an awesome responsibility and I don’t want to misuse the gift I’ve been given to raise strong believers for Christ! I covet your prayers!


PaPa said...

I love to ready your blog. I check it out just about every day.
I just want you to know that I pray for you, David, Luke, and Avery almost every day. You and David are great parents! I'm proud of you.

PaPa said...

"ready" = "read"
Luke & Avery's dummy papa!

Holly said...

Thank you so much Ed! And thanks for keeping my babies while I was gone!