Monday, September 15, 2008

Long Time, No Post

My goodness – a whole week and no blogging!! What happened? I have no idea really; I guess I had nothing to say of any real importance (amazing, I know!)! That and it was a busy week for me as I prepared all the needed things for this year’s ladies retreat! Somehow I ended up in charge (how did that happen Leslie?!?!) and so this week was spent making sure things are all lined up and ready to go. It’s been fun getting ready and I’m sure the retreat will be a blast as well!

Yesterday was our church’s yearly “Friend Day”, except this year we called it our fall festival – which was nice in name but the 90 degree weather wasn’t cooperative with the theme! It was a good time for sure, and the food was so good I ate myself silly – seriously, I didn’t feel so good! The food sure did taste good though!

This week holds lots of things to do and get done, as well as a trip to the beach! I always have mixed feelings about going without my family! We all so love the beach that I hate to go without them! On the other hand, it’s nice every now and then to have some time with just other women who love the Lord!

I got a ton done today, which is good, so I feel good about the next few days! Hopefully I’ll get some more blogging done before I leave!


Meme said...

Could it be that the reason there was no time for blogging is that Holly and Amy played "Martha" last week and hosted a delicious birthday dinner? The baked chicken recipe was the best I've ever eaten. The apple cream cheese tart was deluxe! The salad was perfect and the orzo dish and dinner rolls were great. They spent the previous day at the park where Amy's brother took WONDERFUL pictures of all three children, so now Meme has a gorgeous framed photograph for the mantle and some new pictures for "show and tell"! Thanks SO much, Holly and Amy!

Nan said...

Just wanted to say hi here! Hi!

Holly said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! We'd love to have you all anytime!

Holly said...

Hey Nan! Welcome! Thanks for reading!