Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Too Exciting!

The following isn't actually happening to me, but it's happening to my cousin, and that's reason enough to be excited!

I live so very far away from my side of the family (except Chanda of course, she lives in High Point) whom mostly all live in PA, and I'm here in NC, that keeping up via the computer is really neat. Betsy's blog is More than Mom. She and her family are finally getting their house and she's got pictures and information about it up on her blog. Follow the link and experience the excitement for yourself!

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PaPa said...

Holly & David,
I am really proud and pleased at the way that you are raising Luke and Avery. May God continue to give you wisdom (and strength) to keep up the good work! You have chosen to keep Christ in the center of your family. There is no better way to raise happy, well adjusted children than that! I pray for all of you often!