Monday, August 11, 2008


Just a fast update on stuff going on here!

My Aunt Kay was readmitted to the hospital (in PA) last evening due to some after gallbladder surgery complications. Please keep her in your prayers. I'm not sure what her current status is, I’ll be sure to update as soon as I know anything.

David's grandmother - Nona - was also admitted to the hospital (in NC) today due to a sever bladder infection. If you don't mind keeping her in your prayers as well!

On a healthier note - Avery cut another tooth (that makes 5) - she was kind and did this while she was with Meme and Papa! That's my girl! I told her she could get all her teeth while she was with her grandparents!

As of this morning I officially have items (almost 300 of them) for sale at Covenant Church's consignment sale! I was able to finish tagging everything yesterday (thanks to David taking Luke out of the house and Avery taking a good nap!) and we loaded it all up last evening and dropped it off this morning! I'm so glad to be done moving cloths around and poking myself in the fingers with safety pins! Next the really fun stuff -SHOPPING!!!!!!

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