Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smith Mountain Lake Day

We had a blast yesterday at the Lake! The weather was perfect - in the mid 80's - and the sun was out, clear Carolina blue sky, and good company!

The only down side was that after putting the jet ski in and running it for a while -it "broke" - who knows what the problem is/was but this is the second time we've taken it to Smith Mt. Lake, and had trouble with it! So we ended up toeing it back to the trailer (almost got the Suburban stuck in the sand) and spending the rest of the day on the boat!

We docked for lunch - also very good - and then found a spot for the boys to "go swimming"! The both did very well considering there's no bottom in the lake! Cameron and Luke both swam in the lake some with their mommies - and Cameron even did some jumping from the boat ladder to his mommy! It was a good time for sure.

I only managed to take a few pictures so I'll wait until Shannon sends me hers to post some from the day!


Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Sorry to hear about the jet ski!!! Bummer! We used to have a speed boat that was cantankerous like that!

Hope you're resting up.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Heather and I just found your blog linked from Reagan Olivia's! I can't believe how much Luke looks like David (esp. when he was a kid). Avery is soooo cute!


Holly said...

Welcome Matt and Heather!! It's good to hear from you!

It's scary talking to Luke sometimes - it's like talking with a smaller David!

Avery is pretty cute -isn't she?!? Thanks so much! Let us know next time you guys will be in town, we'd love to see you!

Holly said...

Mom -
We did have a blast! Sure wish we lived on the lake! Love you guys tons!