Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Picture Day

Tomorrow's the day! Finally Avery (whom has suffered from second child syndrome bad!) gets to go have her pictures taken - professionally!

I was very diligent with Luke and took him at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months for pictures. Avery hasn't been since she was about 4 weeks old - she'll be nine months on Thursday! So tomorrow we go and we have pictures taken. I'm looking forward to it! Several weeks ago I bought a dress for her for this particular occasion and so I'm excited to see how they turn out!

I do so love Portrait Innovations! They do a great job there, and I love that the pictures are taken digitally and when they are done, you sit down, pick the ones you want and then they print them right then! I just love being able to leave with the pictures when we’re done.


Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

Poor Av!!! Can't wait to see them! She will be sure to point out the lapse to you when she is older "and has words". LOL

Loved the phone conversation w/Luke this afternoon! It's just like talking to an adult. His response to me telling him we'd be going to the beach together was priceless--"OH MY!!! THAT will be FUN, Nanny!!!" The next best comment was that Avery would tell on him when she was "big & has words". ROFL

Bets said...

Yay for new pictures! I know just how it is though - Eva hasn't had "real" pictures done since she was 2 months - about a year ago...I am such a bad mommy. I think I'll email our photographer tonight - thanks for the nudge!

Oh - and I love your mom's comment - how cute are 3 year olds?!

Meme said...

YES! Pictures of Avery!!!! Hooray! (and maybe more pictures of Luke too?) Of course, I think the one of Holly and Avery taken on Easter Sunday at Renee's with Avery wearing the beautiful dress from Nanny was great!....I put copies of it all over the house!

How well I understand the "second child syndrome" In spite of their position in the family, they thrive and survive. You ARE a GOOD mother! Love, Carolyn

Holly said...

I don't know how you'd keep up with "real" pictures with 4! I'm having a hard time with just 2! You have beautiful children - so any pictures are great! I love that new one of Eva on your blog!

Sorry no new pictures of Luke until Christmas! Today was Avery's day!

It was just as funny hearing Luke's side of the conversation and not hearing you! He's too funny!

Yes, 3 year olds are great!