Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vegas Day 2 - written on day 3

Good morning all! Except for most of you it's mid morning and you've been up for several hours!

I'm sorry I missed last nights post - we had a really fun but very busy day yesterday and I couldn't even blog when we got back to the room! I went right to bed!

The spa was WONDERFUL yesterday! The messages and time of relaxing were just so nice! It's always makes me wonder why I don't go more often at home to have that kind of thing done!! It was great!

We spent the rest of the day out and about seeing all the things there is to see in Vegas! Some of the hotels have added on since I was here last and so we checked all that out! It's totally amazing how big this place is and just how much bigger it keeps getting! After walking around down on "our" end of the strip - we took a cab - mostly because it was about 106 degrees out - to Paris. We spent most of the afternoon there and ended up eating dinner with the Locklears at our favorite restaurant - Mon Ami Gabi! It was as good as it's always been!

Overall we had a really great day! I did forget to take the camera - sorry! So I'll do better today!

I talked with Nanny this morning and my babies seem to be doing well - and Nanny sounded not too exhausted! Thank you again Nanny and Grandpoppy for keeping them so we could come! I sure miss them, but from talking the few minutes to Luke that he'll give me - he sure is having a blast with his grandparents!

Keep an eye out - I will get some pictures on!

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