Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vegas Day #1

Greetings from Las Vegas! I should let you all know right off that I am totally exhausted, so please forgive any misspellings or other grammatical errors! I'm not the best with spelling and grammar to start with - being tired doesn't help!

We arrived safely and happily in Las Vegas today at about 3:30 Vegas time, which is about 6:30 east coast time. We had good flights - almost all on time - and our luggage arrived with no problem as well! We got checked in at our hotel - The Mirage - and then headed out to start the fun in Vegas!

We had a really fun afternoon and had dinner at the New York New York Hotel at a restaurant called the Nine Fine Irishmen. I had picked this out as a place I thought I would like to eat the last time we visited here, so I was really excited to go for dinner tonight! It was so good! I had a traditional Irish dish - fish and chips - SO GOOD and David had the steak special - also really yummy!

After dinner we visited a few more hotels - stopped of course to see the Fountains of Bellagio - one of David's most favorite things to do here - and finally made our way back to our room. I talked to some of our friends who happen to be here at the same time as us - the Locklears - and we'll be meeting them for breakfast in the morning. After that Crystal and I will go and enjoy some pampering at the spa. I'm really looking forward to my massage and foot reflexology treatment. I plan on making the MOST of my time to relax!

Luke is also helping me feel even more relaxed - when my Dad called me so we could say good night, Luke talked to me for about 3 seconds and then told Grandpoppy he was done! When Grandpoppy told him to tell me night night, he said he didn't want to! I guess it's true - Grandparents are just more fun than Mom and Dad! I am truly glad he's so happy there! I sure miss seeing my babies, but I'm so looking forward to some real relaxation time!

You all check in again tomorrow for another update! Tomorrow I'll try and have some pictures to post as well!

Now I'm off to bed so I have enough energy to keep up with David tomorrow!


Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

"Nanny Camp" day 2--

Yesterday we did everything from bubble-blowing to yard mowing to playing in the pool.

Luke was in bed & asleep by 7:30 last night & slept all night until about 6:30 this morning. As usual, he woke up in a happy mood. Avery was in bed & asleep last night by about 7:45. She slept until 1am. She took a bottle, then went back to sleep until about 7 this morning.

Have a wonderful day!!

Shannon and the Kids said...

I almost called you last night just so I could hear the bellsand sounds in the casino. I am so glad you got to take this trip! Cant wait for all of us to go again!

Glad to hear that Avery and Luke are doing so well at "Nanny Camp" What a special treat for both of them to spend time bonding with their grandparents. It also makes for a really well deserved and much need break for mommy and daddy!
Have fun!

Jessi said...

Sounds so fun and like the little ones are doing just great!! ENJOY!

Meme said...
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Meme said...

I am so glad that everyone is having fun. Luke said he had "ALWAYS wanted to spend the night at Nanny's"...meaning "go and stay without parents". I think it is the pleasure of having the grandparents undivided attention! How well I remember and treasure those special times with my grandparents!

In a few years Reagan and Avery will be begging to spend the night at each other's house too! What fun! Love, Meme