Sunday, June 29, 2008


We had the distinct honor of getting to spend time with my only niece last evening! I got to hold Reagan for the first time, which was TOTALLY cool! Check out the pictures below to see just how wonderful Reagan is!

We gathered at Amy’s parents place (a very comfortable place to be by the way!) for the festivities. Thank you Dave and Connie for allowing us to invade you’re home for a while! We hung out, had pizza and celebrated Reagan’s homecoming! It felt so right to be there all together – like we were complete! I haven’t seen Amy look that content in many months! I felt the Lord there and I saw His might miracle in that sweet baby girl! God you are so good, thank you Father for your blessings on this family!

I am looking forward to many more evenings together – just hanging out and letting the kids get to know each other, play and building a solid foundation for our kids to grow up loving the Lord on!

We leave this afternoon after church to head to GA, then tomorrow morning we are off to Vegas! I’ll post from there when I can!

Viva Las Vegas!

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Jessi said...

What a wonderful miracle for your family! Praying God continues to grow little Reagan strong and healthy and a walking testimony of His power!!