Saturday, June 28, 2008

A week of Firsts

This week has been a week of firsts for Avery! She started crawling pretty well toward the beginning of the week – at least she was moving forward instead of backwards as she had been! I think the biggest motivating factor was her desire to play with Luke and his trains – much to Luke’s dismay! She doesn’t really play the way he would like her to! She thinks its fun to take the track apart, after Luke spent time putting them together!

She’s been making her way around our living room the last few days! Dana keep Avery all day on Thursday for me so I could get some cleaning and packing done and she enjoyed exploring a new set of toys in a different living room!

It also seems that it’s time to lower Avery’s mattress! She woke me up crying at about 5:15 this morning, so I got up to make her a bottle and I didn’t hear her again. I made the bottle and came upstairs – upon walking into her room I saw her standing at the end of her bed! It was the first time that she pulled herself up!

This week she also said what I believe to be her first word – which was Momma!!!!!! Well, maybe she wasn’t actually saying my name, but she was however making those sounds! That’s the first time she’s said anything other than screaming! So exciting! Luke’s first word was dada, so I’m pleased to have my name said first by Avery!

Time goes so fast! I cannot believe my baby girl is starting to talk, pulling herself up and crawling around! I’m enjoying every minute of it – as this will be the last time one of my babies has her firsts!!

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