Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We stopped back in the room for a quick rest, and wanted to share with you something cool! David and I got to play craps with a celebrity this morning! We had been playing for a while when the dealer standing next to me asked if I watched "Everybody Loves Raymond" I said yes and the dealer said, "Well, that's him." I said who, Ray Romano?" Yup said the dealer! So there we stood across the table from Ray himself! It was pretty cool. He played at our table for about 30 minutes. We didn't talk to him due to the fact that he was across the table from us, but it was still cool! It's only taken 5 trips to Vegas for us to run into someone famous!

Now we're off to find some lunch and then we're meeting our friends the Locklear's for a sushi dinner tonight! I'm so looking forward to it! David on the other hand is planning on eating a big lunch since he don't like sushi very much!

I'll be sure to let you know if there's any more celeb sightings while we're here!


Aunt Linda said...

Not as cool as a celeb, but Luke made a wonderful discovery at Nanny & Grandpoppy's house.

Nanny planted one tomato plant (Grandpoppy doesn't like tomatoes). He was helping to water the plants & he discovered two tiny, green tomatoes forming on the plant. Nanny explained to him how those tiny green tomatoes will grow big & turn into nice red tomatoes. He excitedly ran to tell Grandpoppy about the two green tomatoes that would grow big & turn into red APPLES!!! LOL

Aunt Linda said...

Ooops...sorry...should have signed on as my other persona--"Luke & Avery's Nanny".