Friday, July 4, 2008

At Nanny and Grandpoppy's

We arrived safely back in GA late last night! It is so good to be home here with Nanny and Grandpoppy.

It was a long day of travel for sure, but we got here with just a little bit of trouble. It seemed our airplane in DFW had some sort of air conditioner leak and we ended up re booking another flight because we were afraid they would drag out the decision about if the were gonna fly or cancel the flight longer than they had already. We were already an hour and a half late. We were able to get a flight that we could make and not lose too much more time! This allowed us to still make our shuttle back to Dalton.

The down side was that on our original flight we had first class seats which offers all sorts of wonderful little things that you don't get in the regular seats like hot towels, warm mixed nuts as well as dinner service - NICE! Anymore you don't even get peanuts in the coach cabin anymore! Our seats were in the last row right next to the bathrooms! It was an ok flight - we finally arrived in ATL - tired and hungry, but our luggage made it(turns out our original flight flew!!) and we made our van ride back to Dalton! It was so good to be home again and back with my kids!

Our last day in Vegas was really fun and relaxing! We just hung out and played and in general enjoyed our last day of vacation.

I couldn't be more thankful to my parents for keeping the kids so we could go! It was really a good time and something we needed! It was so nice for us to have time just to be together and have fun and not have to worry about feedings, naps, bed times, or anything like that! It was neat to be just husband and wife for a while. I did miss the little ones!

So today is the 4th of July and we spent the day just hanging out and relaxing! We did jaunt to the mall so that Luke could play in the indoor play area there and Mom and I did a bit of shopping! We found somewhere to see fireworks, but decided not to go due to the forecast of rain (it seems like a ton of work to take the kids out just to have them cancel the fireworks due to rain)! So we had a great dinner that Dad cooked on the grill and spend a wonderful evening together at home!

I am grateful for the freedoms I have today! I don't have to worry about persecution for raising my children to love the Lord, or for going to church. Please remember today all those who sacrificed so much for our freedom! Happy 4th of July!

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