Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The swing of things

I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of things here at home! We arrived home on Sunday afternoon after a fairly easy ride home. Avery cried for a while, but it wasn’t bad at all, sure could have been a lot worse!

Why is it that when you go away there’s always more to do when you get home? Laundry, dishes, unpacking! I spent a whole day cleaning before we left, so at least I didn’t have to clean bathrooms too! I had some trouble getting into it yesterday and managed to get the laundry all done, and the kids stuff all unpacked, but I didn’t get to our stuff! I’m hoping I’ll be motivated enough to do that this morning before we head out to the pool! That is if it doesn’t rain – which would be great, cause we sure do need it!

I think we are all getting back into it, both kids slept all night last night and seem to be back to themselves after a long drive home! Luke has gotten out each and every one of his toys since we’ve been home! It’s like a house full of brand new toys! I guess you realize how cool your toys are when you haven’t seen them in a week! That’s a great way to get “new stuff.” Luke has also talked a great deal about his time with Nanny and Grandpoppy! He sure did love it! He got to do all sorts of great stuff from blowing bubbles, to playing in the pool to helping Grandpoppy mow the grass. Luke even got to steer the tractor. Oh what fun! Now Avery cut a tooth while she was at her grandparents, so poor Nanny had a cranky little one for a few days! Avery also decided that she would master crawling while she was there – so she had Nanny on her feet chasing her a good bit! Nanny even said she lost some weight while the kids were there! Why doesn’t that work for me!?!?! I know many fun memories were made by all, and I’m so grateful for the help and I’m so glad my kids have such wonderful grandparents!

It’s so nice to go away and have a break from the every day routine! But it’s nice to be back to the every day routine! Plus I have a girls beach weekend to look forward to the end of July!!!

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Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

I'm so glad we were able to keep our "babies" so you & David could have some quality time alone--and with your friends. It was such fun to have the kids here, and the only time Luke expressed a "Mommy-want" was when he fell, forehead first, on the hardwood floor!

Yeah, Avery cut a tooth, but it could have been much worse than it was! It just thrilled me to death that they were both so apparently content to be here, since it's not a frequent happening & neither of them are accustomed to sleeping here. That's a testment to Holly & David's child-rearing skills.

It was such fun to watch Luke & Avery interact. She certainly does love her big brother!!!! I also found that Avery was pretty quick with the smiles for Grandpoppy!

I planted a day lily a while back, and it's called "Lukey-boy", and Luke made sure he checked on the plant daily, as it was budding. I will send a picture when it blooms.

Our house has settled back into senior citizen silence. Little ones really do add pizzazz to life! Miss you & love you all.