Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Luke Update

Still here at the hospital. It's all hurry up and wait once you're here ya know?!?! So anyway, one of the many docs who seem to be "around" was just in and said they will get Luke on some solid food and if he does well with that he might could go home. But unfortunately that particular doctor cannot send Luke home and the doctor that can is in a "long surgery, so we don't know how long he'll be." Could be a long time it sounds like. Great! I guess we have no choice but to keep on waiting!

Luke is resting peacefully after a very un-peaceful night last night, so for that I'm very glad! After he wakes up I guess we'll see about eating something.

Right now I'm praying for understanding and trying to be patient. I would really like to take Luke home and have both my kids together again!

David has been up here with Luke and I the whole time as well, so please pray that things with his business would continue to run smoothly so he won't have to worry about work stuff too!

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