Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hospital Visit

We had our first overnight stay at the hospital with one of our kids last night! Luke had been complaining off and on since Friday night of a hurting tummy. Well Sunday night into Monday morning it was really bad! So we went to the doctor yesterday morning and after much crying and carrying on the doctor feeling he couldn't get a good handle on what was going on sent us over to the ER at Brenner's Childrens Hospital.

Needless to say we spent most of the day in the ER - the ran all kinds of tests including x-rays, blood work, urine samples and much poking and prodding by all sorts of medical experts! After the initial rush of evaluations and tests we just sat and waited and waited and waited. The Doc finally determined that he thought Luke was severely constipated and he wanted to admit him and give him some meds to "get things moving!" After much more waiting - they moved us to a room - complete with a "parent" bed so we could stay with him.

The medicine the Doc prescribed for him is called Go-Lighly - and apparently it tastes terrible so after talking with the nurses and dr. we decided to let Luke try and drink it so that we could maybe avoid putting in a feeding tube. Well Luke give it a try by sipping 2 sips and then refused to drink anymore! So about 9:30 they started the process of putting the tube in. I'm not sure who it was worse for - mom and Dad or Luke?!?! After 2 attempts (because Luke managed to pull it out the first time) they got the tube in and the meds going! Poor guy was very upset until about11:30 or so when he finally relaxed a bit. Finally at about 12:30 the magic finally happened and for the next 2 hours we changes LOTS of diapers! David said he was "never so happy to see stinky in his life!" I seconded that statement and we did our best to make a VERY tired and VERY cranky little boy as comfortable as he could be! Then just when we thought things couldn't get worse, poor Luke started throwing up! Well that brought up the feeding tube! So they just took it out! That was a bit of a relief mostly for Luke. Our concern then was that they would have to reinsert the tube! But after talking with the nurse, and she talked with the doctor, it was decided that he was probably fine with the amount of medicine they had gotten into him! Praise the Lord for that! After that Luke finally feel asleep! He seemed to sleep very peacefully for the remainder of the night!

So this morning we saw the doctor at about 6:00AM and he said after Luke got some clear fluids into him (so far the only thing we've been able to get him to eat is popsicilles!!)

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Jessi said...

OH, what an ordeal!! I will be praying for you all that things will be able to settle back to normal soon!!