Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Shower

Yesterday was a very, very busy day! Fun, but busy! It was the day of the much anticipated Baby Long baby shower! My friend Dana is having her second baby and Shannon, Robyn (Shannon’s sister) and I set out months ago to throw a shower for Dana! We’ve been planning and doing menu’s and picking games and decorations and guest lists and invitations and on and on for months now – it’s been fun, but it’s been crazy too!

So yesterday was the big day! We got together at the host house (which was generously loaned to us by Aunt Wendy (she’s David’s Aunt!)) at 11:00 yesterday to do the rest of the setting up and cooking! Luckily for us Shannon had done a good bit of the work on Friday – thank you Shannon! And things went very smoothly once we got there and got rolling! It was so much fun putting it all together and making everything look beautiful! Which by the way – isn’t hard to do at Wendy’s house – it’s already about the prettiest house I’ve ever seen!

The food was wonderful, the games were great, the gifts were cool, and the guests were happy! The mother to be was also very happy! It was everything we hoped it would be and we were so glad to be able to do it for our dear friend Dana! Honestly – I know I can speak for Shannon as well – we’re glad it’s done! Now we can look forward to all the joys of another new baby! It’s gonna be a boy!!!


Bets said...

Pictures??? I love a good baby shower!

Holly said...

they're coming!!