Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jump N Fun

Today we spent the morning with our good friends Shannon and her kids and Dana and Riley at Jump N Fun. It's one of those indoor, blow up, jump things! It was a good time for all! Avery started fussing while we were there and has been most unhappy ever since! I think she's got a cold, or is getting teeth or has some virus... I don't know, but whatever it is, hopefully it won't last too long!

I'm on my own with the kids tonight, David had to go to Atlanta to fix a server at his co-lo and so I'm here alone until tomorrow evening! I worked it so that Luke didn't take a nap today that way he'll go to bed early tonight and so will Avery, and I'll have a quite evening! I sure hate it when David is gone, and I know he does too... but boy is bedtime crazy when there’s only one of us to put them to bed!

Well it’s dinner time now, so I’m gonna go feed the kids if they’ll eat anything!


Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

Praying for you!!!!!

Jessi said...

ooo...I hate it when Todd's gone too...though it happens less than it used to - used to be every month!! And I totally know what you mean about bedtime!! ugh Anyway, I'll pray for ya!!

Anonymous said...

Its 1:40AM EDT and I am now in the hotel room... Time for some sleep. See you tomorrow :-).


Holly said...

Thanks for the prayers and David - took longer than you tought hu? Well, I'm still up too - it's 2:40AM now- see new post for details!