Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life Guard

Those of you who know me know I love the water! Any kind of water will do – a pool, a lake, and the ocean… really anything that’s cool and wet I love to be in! I like to swim, water ski, Jet Ski, boat, float or just sit in the water! I just love it and I cannot get enough of the water!

Well this summer we decided to get a membership to Bur Mil Park. The kids and I have been several times and have really enjoyed it! Luke is really learning to get in the water and not be afraid! Of course he hasn’t had any kind of swimming lessons, so a little fear is a good thing!

Since we’ve been a couple of times, Luke and I were talking while we were getting ready this morning about some of the rules at the pool. We are getting to know the lay of the land and understand all the different rules, like you cannot run around the pool, you cannot hang on the rope, and you have to wait your turn to come down the slide! This is all a new experience for him! So I asked him this morning “when they blow the whistle, what does that mean?” (They do adult swims at the top of every hour) he said “It means we get out of the pool.” Right! “Then how do we know when to get back in the pool?” Luke says – “When the Gardens blow the whistle again, we can get back in!” LOL “You mean the life guards?” “Yea, the life guards!”

We went today and had a great time! Avery really enjoys the water as well! She’s happy to be in the shallow end playing with some small toy or some other kids! Or she’s happy to be held while I catch Luke at the bottom of the slide! It’s really a great way to spend the day! I’m extra privileged to be able to go with my friend Dana and her daughter Riley – who is one of Luke’s closet friends! That makes it all that much more fun for both of us! I have someone to have adult conversation with and an extra pair of eyes and hands to help with the kids! And Luke has a friend to help entertain him!

At one point Dana was sitting with Avery while she napped and I was in the pool with Luke and Riley. They were going down the slide and I had a blast catching them at the bottom. Then they would kick their feet to “get away from the crocodile!” They are so fun at this age!

I’m looking forward to many more fun in the sun and water days this summer!

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Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

WHAT FUN!!!! It brings back memories of when you & Chanda were litte & we spent a good bit of the summers at the Boyertown pool with Aunt Carol, Jessi, Livie & Bets. I'm so sorry I don't live close enough to share this time with you & the kids. :o( I'm so glad you have Dana & Riley to be there with you.