Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Hear Ya!

So this morning, I'm taking a few minutes to read a daily devotional on the Proverbs 31 web site. They put a new one up each day. I got in the habit of reading them each day a few years ago, and then just stopped one day. Last night I decided I would start trying to do that again! I did this morning, and what do you think that today's daily devotional was about? Yes, that's right... eating right and getting healthy.

Now if any of you are familiar with the Proverbs 31 ministry you have heard of Lisa TerKeurst. She is one of the "founders" I guess of this particular ministry. I've read several of her books, including her book about her own journey to health Made To Crave. It's really excellent and I enjoyed each minute of it, but honestly I didn't finish the book, and while I was reading it, it helped, but since I stopped reading... well I told you yesterday how things have gone for me.

So below is a link to today's daily devotional on the Proverbs 31 site. It's good. And there are TONS of other resources on that site if you need guidance, encouragement, direction or anything like that in any area of your life. It's a great place to go for Godly reading and study material.

I hear you God! Thank you for the additional encouragement and "push" to get back on track!! I love how God meets me just where I am and gives me what I need just when I need it!


made to crave

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