Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another day at home

Yesterday I keep Luke home from school due to fever, coughing and some puking! (By the way, if you don't know, I HATE puking!!!! I hate it for myself, and I don't like it much at all when others do it either!) But with some decongestant and some ibuprofen he perked right up and went several hours with no fever and seemed to be feeling himself. Goodie! Maybe it was just some short lived 12 hour thing. Nope.

Last night at bedtime the fever returned and then spiked up in the middle of the night. So he's home again today. UGH! There was no school on Monday due to snow, he went on Tuesday, and will be home the rest of the week since Friday is a teacher work day and they were scheduled to have off anyway! Oh my goodness!!

The problem is this... he feels bad, but not bad enough to be content to sleep, watch an hour of TV and sleep some more. He feels just bad enough to take one nap, let the meds kick in and then he wants to DO something!!! This isn't good. Since there's not much (other than the boring stuff in his room to play with) to do, and his sister who feels completely fine there ends up being lots of arguing and yelling and general unsettled-ness!

So.... what to do with a sick kid who feels fine when the meds are working (and pitiful when they aren't!) and a non-sick kid who would really rather play outside and scream and yell than lay on the sofa and rest? I'm really struggling here!! It makes for a very long up and down kinda day. Trying to find things to occupy them when Luke feels good and keeping Avery from irritating him when he doesn't!

By the time bedtime came last night I had had enough. My approach for today is going to be a bit different! Less electronics (TV, Wii, iPad, and computer) and more book reading, resting in our rooms, crafty/coloring type things. And it just has to be OK that I might not get a whole lot else done around here!

It's funny how quickly I adjusted to Avery's 3 day a week preschool, and Luke being gone each day until after 3! It all seemed weird back at the beginning of the school year, but now with several days at home in a row, I realized I do really enjoy some quiet time, alone with myself!

But I know I'm not the only one dealing with sickness. It's running ramped through Luke's class and just about everyone else I know has or has had some kinda yuck too! I know spring isn't far off, and I'm holding onto that for dear life! Spring is coming and with it hopefully wellness will come and then soon after that it'll be summer!!!!!

And the weather here isn't helping anything... 30 degrees and snow on Monday, then cold and sunny on Tuesday and on Wednesday sunny and 65... and today's forecast is for 74 and afternoon sun (it's rainy now)! No wonder everyone is sick. This weather is totally weird!

All prayers are appreciated and feel free to let me know if you've got something I can pray for you about as well!

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