Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Weekend

What does that word mean to you?

No work.

Yard work.

Sleeping in.

Hangin' out with friends.


Spending time with family.

Football. (Yippee for football time again!)

Date nights.

The weekend means all these things, and more to me. Of course, not all on the same weekend. But I do like to fit in as many of the above things as I can in one weekend! But this weekend is a little different for me than the last 3 months worth of weekends have been.

Mostly since Memorial Day weekend, we've spent every Saturday at the lake. And the ones we weren't at the lake, we were at the beach or enjoying some other vacation/holiday time. It's really been a great summer, and part of me is sad it's over. But today is a TOTALLY beautiful (a good one to be at the lake) day, and it's been nice and relaxed. The kids got to spend the night and some time today with their grandparents. That allowed David and I to go to dinner last night and then we grabbed breakfast this morning before running a few errands. It was weird to get up this morning and NOT get ready to go to the lake, but it's been good too!

I've been thinking a lot this week about how different weekends have been for me the last 6 years or so of my life. I guess because we're back in the full swing of school and the kids seem to be growing up so fast and it just seems like yesterday that Luke was a baby. And when Luke was born weekends took on a whole different meaning.

Actually, then meant less than they had before I had a baby. See, the only difference for me from Friday to Saturday, was that David was home from work on Saturday. Nothing else was different. Same thing on Saturday as on Tuesdays. I had a baby, he didn't know it was a different day of the week - that it was the weekend, and he was supposed to sleep in, or take it easy on the eating schedule... you know, who needs to eat every 4 hours on Saturday anyway?!?!?

Now, all of a sudden, I have a first grader and a pre-schooler and I'm up each day at 5:30AM and packing book bags and snacks and lunches. I'm making sure school uniforms are cleaned and ready to be put on, I'm making breakfast (yes, toasting a frozen waffle and putting butter and syrup on it is making breakfast!), and driving little people to and from school. I'm volunteering at school and trying to keep my house in better order. So now, the weekend has a different meaning again.

I did get to sleep in this morning - until 7:30AM (cause now I'm old and cannot sleep longer than that!), and I didn't have to pack a lunch or drive anyone anywhere, or even get out a uniform. It's back to being a day to play and rest and enjoy and make plans with friends and family. It's a day to be enjoyed and to rest and to be grilling out for dinner! Who wants to come and eat dogs and burgers with us tonight?

Enjoy your weekend!

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