Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Day of Summer

How is it possible that today is the last day of this wonderful, fun summer?!?! I do not know, but honestly I'm not ready for it to end!

I don't know what it is about this year - but I'm a bit nervous for Luke. It's for sure not the school! Love, love, LOVE Greensboro Academy! It's DEFINITELY not his teacher, she's wonderful and I taught with her several years, so he'll be good there!

I guess I just know that it's an adjustment from kindergarten to first grade. It's a
longer day with more work and there's more expected! I know that Luke can do it, he's so smart, but I guess maybe Mommy's not ready! I was ready for kindergarten, but he seems so young to me for some reason, and I'm just not ready to send him to first grade! Oh my goodness!!! Oh well, right?!?! Off he goes!

But it's been a good summer! Lot's of good times at the water park and the lake, and with family and friends! It's hard to see it all end!

Today we'll be going to the water park and we'll just stay as long or as short as the kids want. I also told them they could have a treat! I guess I'll let them know they sell ice cream there (it's been a challenging summer keeping that small fact from them)!! So hopefully it'll be a good fun day!

Overall, I think we've had a good relaxing summer and made the most of the time we've had off! Part of me wishes we had done a few more fun things... like what, I'm not sure, but now that it's over, I think maybe I should have done MORE fun things! But I know that there will be time for some more fun things to come in the future. We'll have fun times during the school year, and there's always next summer! I think I'll start a list of fun things to do next summer! That way we'll get them all in!

On this last day of summer (for us anyway) - I will enjoy every ounce of time with my little ones that I can!

Tomorrow - FIRST GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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