Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer time

I've been doing a study. Well, maybe more of a survey. OK, so maybe I've just been doing some serious people watching which has cause me to do some thinking.

For some serious summer fun the kids and I have season passes to Wet N Wild - which is basically a huge water park. They have some really fun stuff for the kids and it's been a good time for us.

However I've had an education when it comes to bathing suits for women. Here are some of the things I've observed:

* the bathing suit doesn't actually have to fit you for you to wear it!

* bikinis are the only type of bathing suit out there, no matter what age you are.

* you can wear a bikini at any age. Ranging from WAY too young to be wearing one to WAY too old

* you can be any size as well!

* Mother's don't know what their teenage daughters are wearing. The teenage daughters must be changing cloths after they leave the house. I refuse to believe that women are allowing their daughters to wear tee-tiny little pieces of bathing suits! Do they know other people can see them?

I've also come to realize that I must be old fashion. I really must be. I have a couple of what I guess would be considered bikini's (although after the suits that other people are wearing, mine have way too much material to be called a bikini) but I tend to be somewhat particular about where I wear them. So here I thought I was cool, and hip and since loosing weight last year, I thought I might be in good enough shape to where them. I didn't think I was being immodest or anything like that, but after a few weeks of observation I have found myself putting on bathing suits that cover more of me when we go.

Honestly, do we ALL have to show so much skin? Do people not look at themselves before they leave the house? Or the store where they got the bathing suit? Do they not have someone who loves them and can say to them... "I love you, but that's not the bathing suit for you."

Have we as a people lost all sense of modesty? It's there still something to the thought that it might be nice if we covered up some more and could still look "cute" and "hip" and "modern"? Don't get me wrong, I'm not all out opposed to the bikini thing. Like I said, I have a couple. But I think there's a time and a place for them. And honestly, I think you have to be the right age, size, and wearing the right kind for it to not be almost offensive.

If Luke were older - a young teenage boy - I would be worried about him spending all day at Wet N Wild. I personally have seen more boobs and rear-ends that I care to see in a lifetime. I cannot imagine if I were a teenage boy!!!!

This has also of course caused me to think about what will our rules be for Avery when she's old enough to have to make these decisions. And honestly, I feel bad because "all the girls are doing it" isn't just something she could say to try to make us change our minds... cause I've seen with my own eyes - and not ALL the girls, but really 90% of the girls are doing it! I hope that we can convey to her the importance of her body and modesty and still being cute! You can be cute and still wear appropriate cloths. That can be hard for teenage girls, especially when all those around you are doing the opposite of modest and cute!

Here's just one more parting thought on the matter:

if your going to wear a string bikini, you should be sure that after you have it on - you can still see the strings! If not, maybe you should try something different.

I'm just sayin'!

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Jessi said...

I am SOOOOO 150% in agreement with you on this post!!! I do have a teenage daughter, and it is nearly impossible for her to find a nice suit that isn't "old lady" and yet is still modest!! Thankfully, she's very, very modest on her own, and so has settled for suits she doesn't particularly 'love' in favor of being covered. And yes, having boys that are starting to say things like..."Did you SEE that girl's bathing suit?? It was inappropriate!!" IS becoming unnerving... Ugh..I so hate dealing with this whole issue!