Monday, June 27, 2011

What are you craving?

I'm a bit behind the times, I guess you could say. But I'm finally reading Lisa Terkeurst's new book "Made to Crave". And can I tell you, it's been awesome!

I'm only 2 chapters in - yes, only 2 - but it's been really, really eye opening for me! One thing that is making the reading go a bit slower at the questions at the end of each chapter. They of course are designed to make you think more deeply about what you've just read. And so I've been thinking. A bunch!

One of the points that the book makes is that we were actually made to crave. Not food of course, but God. But somewhere along the way (and in our daily lives) we replace that craving for God with food.

Now, I've been on this get skinny, be healthier "journey" for over a year now. And it's a long hard road, and at one point I was at my goal weight. I am up a bit from that, and really trying to get back on track to re-loss those last few pounds! And I think reading this book is helping me kinda put things into a spiritual perspective that I didn't have before.

But here's the other thing I'm finding about this book. If I step back and really look at things, things in my life, I'm seeing that it's not just food that I'm putting in place of my craving for God. Sometimes it's other things - like I've replaced the cravings for God with food, but those have also been replaced by things like - shopping. Or relationships with other people. Or even going to the gym. It's like on one level I already started trying to remove the use of food (for reasons and occasions, as Lysa Ter talks about in her book) but instead of satisfying that craving with more of God, I've just replaced it with other things that won't ever satisfy me.

As I said, it's been slow going through the book. I read a chapter, and read the questions then I think on them a few days, and go back and re-read the chapter and then answer the questions in my journal. But it's been a lot to think about and evaluate. It's been good. And I think and pray that I'll be doing some serious growing from this experience.

There are lots of materials and resources out there to go along with this book. Stuff you can get for group studies and that sort of thing. You can check out Lysa's blog or go to Amazon to see what's out there.

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