Friday, July 15, 2011

Down East

This week the kids and I go to go "down East" to spend some time with our good friend Andrea and her son AJ! Andi is a military wife, and her husband is deployed in some dangerous place half way across the world (so if you think of him please say a pray for safety and well being) so the kids and I went down to spend some time with good friends - who also happen to live less than 5 minutes from Emerald Isle!!

It was a double hit for us! Good times with good friends AND we got to go to the beach! It was fun! And it made me think of many, many things I have to be thankful for!

First, that there are people who are willing to make HUGE sacrifices for the safety of our country! I was reminded - again - of all those who are deployed in many different areas of the world watching out for us and our safety and I was - again - VERY thankful for them. And then there are those who are "left at home" while their loved ones are gone. It seems kinda hard. I was gone from David for 3 and a half days and I missed him a bunch - some service people are gone for months even a year or more at a time. So all the responsibility of home is left with those at home. So a BIG thank you to all you military families out there who are willing to play a part in your loved one's service to our country by staying home and keeping things together and moving forward! Extra prayers will be said for not only our friends, but for the many others who are also doing it!

Second, I love having our friends close enough to be able to drive to see them. Being in the military means moving around every couple of years or so. For now, our friends are close enough that the kids and I can get in the car and go see them. But who knows where they'll be next?!?!? It could be far, far away! That kind of makes me sad. But it would also be a great reason to travel to some far away places if they are stationed farther away. But selfishly, I'm gonna hope they stay closer to us than say somewhere in Germany!

Third, I love the beach! This is nothing new, really. Just a reminder of how much I do love the sand and the sun and the salty water! Oh yes, I love it! And the kids like it too! They had fun. Avery was done and ready to go after just about an hour or hour and a half. Luke on the other hand - he seems to have more of my love for the ocean. He played and played and played in the ocean and had a totally good time the whole time we were there. He was sad when it was time to go. Yep, he's my boy!

Lastly - I'm so blessed!! In many, many ways! It's a blessing to have friends that even though we don't get to see them all the time, that we're still close. Every time we see them, it's like we just saw them last week or yesterday. I'm so glad to have them!

I'm blessed to have time in my schedule to take 4 days and go out of town with my kids. A true blessing of being a stay at home mom!

I'm blessed to have a husband who is supportive and happy for us to be able to go and spend time with friends. Even though he has to stay at home and work! He's a great man and I'm blessed and honored to be his wife!

I'm blessed to be back at home with my wonderful husband and spending some more fun summer times with my kids! It's literally only about a month until Luke goes back to school!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Where is summer going?!?! I'm not sure, but I'm having a great time, and I plan on enjoying the summer time we have left!

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