Monday, February 21, 2011


Ahh - one of my favorite subjects! Food!! I love food, and like most people, I love to eat!

It's been a while since I posted a food related post, and since I've already got dinner on the stove simmering away I thought now might be a good time!

Due to the recent shift in paying closer attention to where and how I spend our grocery money, I've had a bit more trouble coming up with what I thought were really great dinner ideas. Not that was actually the reality, it was more in my own brain. I was so worried about the food I was buying that I couldn't get past the whole "get what's on sale and that's all you can eat" thing that we had a pretty uneventful menu the last couple of weeks!

But NO MORE! This week, after seeing that I can save a good bit of money by using coupons and paying attention to what's on special at different grocery stores , I was able to see that we can still eat healthy and save money.

There is one fact that I did find to remain true. Boxed, pre-made, processed food is cheaper to buy than fresh veggies and meats and cheeses. But alas, this week at my favorite store - Harris Teeter - it was super double coupon week AND they had a good many of their fresh veggies on sale! I was a happy camper! I even made my poor Hubby eat grilled chicken salads for dinner one night toward the end of last week! He's not big on salads, but he was a good sport and ate it all and never complained once, but I did promise I wouldn't ask him to have salad again for a good while!

OK, so on the menu this week (all except for the meatballs are Weight Watcher's recipes):

Tonight: Southwestern Chicken Soup. (my "other" family is also eating tonight). This is a delicious soup with just the right amount of heat (turns out it's 74 here today. Not a great day for hot soup, but it'll still be good!) I'll also be making a small spinach salad to eat along with it (I won't make David eat any of it!)

Tuesday: Mediteranian Red Snapper (or halibut or grouper or mahi mahi - depending on what I can find). This we'll be having with brown rice and fresh steamed broccoli.

Wednesday: Mexican Skillet Supper (this is a one dish meal - love that - so all veggies, proteins and carbs will all cook in the same pan. DONE!)

Thursday: Lemon-Rosemary Chicken served with Fresh Spinach Rice. This is one of my favorites! It's easy and delicious and pretty simple to make!

Friday: Meatball Sandwiches with fruit salad. A family staple. I do not (as of now) make the meatballs, but one day I would like to make a huge batch and freeze them. I realize this is not a hard thing to do, it's just something I haven't done yet.

Saturday: DATE NIGHT!!!!!

Sunday: Homemade pizza. This has also become a staple here on a Sunday night. The kids aren't big on pizza, so usually they have sandwiches or cereal or whatever, and David and I enjoy a homemade pizza. I'm still working on trying to get the crust right. It's not coming out soft and squishy enough... but I'm working on it!

So there you have it. All the yummy-ness that we'll be eating this week! If you see one of the above that you feel like you HAVE to have - one, you can let me know and I'll send you the recipe - or two, if your close enough to me you can "order" it and I'll happily make enough to feed you and your family as well! Just let me know.

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