Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This year is almost done and it’s time to recap the fun.

It’s been a long and interesting year –

from mold in the basement to things that brought tears,

to visiting new place, trying new things, and having a renewed love for each other and our King.

There have been sicknesses, some big some small.

Some more scary and tall.

Some just run of the mill colds.

There are friends fighting cancer and friends with sick kids.

Friends who’ve been injured and friends who’ve lost jobs

Friends who’ve had babies and friends who’ve found jobs!

And friends praying for each other until things are well!

We took a trip to the Rivera to celebrate 10 years!

That offered some rest, relaxation and time to talk off each others ears!

There were business ideas we approached with no fears,

Some panned out well and others that just didn’t – oh well!

We had weddings and vacations and day trips spent on the lake in the sun.

Enjoying our friends and family as one.

And through each day, the ups and downs

Jesus has been there – He’s been all around!

In times when things seems dark and the answers weren’t too clear

all we had to do was take our knees to the ground!

He’s faithful and loving and His mercy and grace flow fast,

And this year I’m being purposeful to know Him more than I have in the past.

I pray you were blessed this year too,with the love of family and friends

And great joy too!

In the year to come I encourage you to find Jesus in your heart and life

seek Him and His promises will remain true - He’ll be there for you.

May God bless you in 2011.

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