Monday, December 27, 2010

Great Christmas

It's a white beautiful morning here in NC!

We has SNOW ON CHRISTMAS DAY this year! How cool is that? It started snowing mid-morning on Christmas Day and snowed all the way through about mid-morning the day after Christmas! We ended up with maybe about 6 inches or so! It was so very cool! David read somewhere that in our area of NC there hasn't been a white Christmas since 1969. So that's totally cool to have had one this year!! It was a neat gift for sure!

There were many, many other wonderful things about Christmas this year! There was lots of family - which is always great! And actually in our house we had 2 different Christmas Eve's and 2 Christmas mornings! Since my sister works on the weekends, and Christmas was on Saturday this year, her and her family came down on Tuesday and we started the festivities on Wednesday night! And then moved onto Christmas morning on Thursday morning! We had lots of good food and good time together!

Then we moved onto Friday morning with the Winslow side and had breakfast and Christmas with them! And for the first time in many years, we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church! It was wonderful! The kids did pretty well overall with sitting in "big church" (Avery slept through the second half of the service!) and it was great to be part of Christmas Eve church service!

Of course after church it was time for more food and fellowship! It was a great Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning was just as much fun as it could have been!!! The older the kids get, the more fun it is to open gifts with them! I just love it! And I think, to the best I can tell - everyone got most of what they wanted! Santa left Luke a basketball goal, and Avery got a Hello Kitty umbrella! David got a Panthers jersey (we're SURE they'll have a better season next year!!!!) as well as a new toaster (yup, he asked for that!)! And I got a wonderful surprise from my hubby - I got a new diamond and emerald necklace! It was a big surprise and a very lovely one at that!! I also got a really nice food processor (Yes, I asked for that too)!

Of course there were many, many other wonderful gifts received and given, but the best part was really being together and just remembering the reason that Christmas is so special.

Without the greatest gift of all from our Lord and Savior we would have nothing. I made it a point this season to spend each day being thankful for and grateful to a loving heavenly Father for His many gifts to me. I have so very much to be thankful for and I feel like I was blessed beyond measure this holiday season!

I hope your Christmas was full of Jesus!

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