Thursday, November 18, 2010

Avery's birthday party

I love a good party! I love any party pretty much! I just love to get all the stuff, have people over, make food (some food!) and decorate!

Well, we did all that for Avery's birthday this year! Since both the kids birthday's are relatively close to the holidays, sometimes it's hard to know if we should go big or keep it simple! This year for Avery we went simple!

Pretty In Pink was kinda of our theme. Since she's all about things that are pink and princesses and all that kind of 3 year old girl stuff, we went with the idea of pink. I got a bunch of pink stuff, and we invited family and close friends and we keep the food simple. Here are a few pictures of the fun.

The princesses hats and boys crowns

the birthday girl!

Reagan the princess

The Girls!

Aunt Amy doing the face painting for Cameron

Avery's butterfly - by Aunt Amy

Luke gets his face done

This isn't the best picture, but it's the best one of all of them! I tried!

Avery playing "pin the jewel on the necklace"

Julianna's turn

Luke's turn

Oh Boy! Chocolate cupcake!!


Opening gifts!

Hello Kitty rain boots from Nanny and Grandpoppy

I think she likes them!

Avery's loot from Meme and Papa!

Reagan checking out a book!

Opening the card from Aunt Amy, Uncle Robert and Reagan! What a fun night! Thanks everyone!

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