Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She's Amazing

If you've been reading with me for the last few weeks, you know that I've been working on potty training Avery. And I gotta say, she's amazing! She's had very few accidents, some were simply my fault, others where when she was so sleepy she didn't know what she was doing!

Overall, I would say, she's got it. She's telling me when she has to go, or just going all on her own. The only trouble she's having seems to be getting her bottoms put back on... one thing at a time right?!?!

But here is the really amazing thing...

She's been dry every morning - EVERY MORNING - for like 4 or 5 nights! I cannot believe it! And the other night when she was awake (that's a whole different post, she's taking steroids, so she wasn't sleeping well!) she told me she had to go peep peep (that's what she calls it!)!

I'm so proud of her, I could turn inside out!

I'm still carrying around all the extra things you do when they are potty training - extra cloths, wipes, diapers in case it gets really bad, M&M;s,and a small potty in the back of the car! Mostly I haven't needed the extra stuff, and it's bad when I forget the M&M's, but she's doing great!

The potty in the car has been great too! I got that idea from a friend who's daughter was potty training the same time as Luke. It's a great idea, and it was wonderful to have it when we were at WalMart the other day! It's so much nicer to do all that in the back of the car, rather than the nasty WM bathroom!

and who wouldn't want to peep on a princess potty?!?!

So, if I could be so bold as to say - Avery is potty trained!!!!!

I"m a proud Mommy for sure!

And glad to be seeing the last of diapers in my life!


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Brooke said...

YAY! Congrats! I know you must be thrilled! As we were emptying the diaper champ last night, we were talking about how nice it will be when Sophia is potty trained. But I have quite a few more years of diapers ahead of me!