Thursday, June 17, 2010

Enjoying each day

I've been struggling with a new post. Sometimes posting is like having writers block. Not that I'm a writer, but you remember what it was like in school when you had some sort of writing assignment and you sat down to do it, and there was NOTHING there!! Yup - sometimes blogging is like that for me.

And then other times - I feel like I have TOO much to say - and it's not all always good for posting for the whole world wide web to see - so I don't say anything at all.

So today I'm gonna try and focus my thoughts and share something meaningful... not just a post, just to say I posted!

This summer I've set a personal goal. To some it might sound logical, or you may even think "well, duh, your a mom, that's how your supposed to feel", but I'm hoping that for some - you will be able to relate to this goal!

My goal is...

To really enjoy my kids this summer!

Yup - simple as that! Just to enjoy them.

Are you asking yourself what kinda mom I am? What kinda mother doesn't enjoy her children? What kinda stay at home mom doesn't WANT to stay at home and be with her kids 24/7? Well, if you're asking that, you are not a stay at home mom! Believe it or not - staying at home is just like (and in my humble opinion - harder than) working outside the home.

Anyway, I have decided that since this is the last summer before we start "real" school - that we're gonna have a fun summer and I'm really gonna try and enjoy the kids and their personalities! I'm gonna try to see things as funny - like when Avery gets into the diaper rash cream and puts it all over herself and on the carpet in her bedroom. Then I have to give her a bath to get it all off - and when I get to her belly I cannot get it all out of her belly button - see I gotta see that as funny instead of being angry at her! Cause you see, that kinda thing happens A LOT around here!

Both kids have very different personalities and sometimes that makes daily life a challenge! But I wanna be with them and I wanna enjoy them and I wanna make memories for both them and me! So each day (and sometimes about a million times during the day!) I remind myself to see the gifts that God has given me and ask Him to help me enjoy those gifts today!

So when each day begins at 6:30AM or before, I try to develop a plan for the day (which could prove to be very long) that allows time for me to get some things done around the house, for the kids to watch a bit of TV AND for us to spend quality time together - doing crafts, or playing outside, or going to the pool or whatever the day/weather allows for! I'm also learning the value of sending each child to their room for a bit of down time. Since neither of them take naps anymore, sometimes the best thing for all of us is 10 - 15 minutes apart from each other.

I'm no super mom - I often lose my cool - but I'm really trying, with the Lord's help, to make my home a happy, comfy, organized and fun home! I'll try to post some pictures of some of the fun things we'll be doing!

I'll also take suggestions - if there are fun things you like to do with your kids during the summer please share! I got a couple of great ideas from my cousin-in-law (who doesn't even have kids, but she talked to her mom about things they used to do when she and her brothers where small!) and I would love to hear any and all ideas you have to make the day run fun and smooth!

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Jessi said...

That is a great goal Hol! I know exactly what you's not always easy to "enjoy" our kids - love them, yes; enjoy them - well, that can sometimes take a more focused attempt! But I am hoping for the same thing this summer. I've had the advantage of them being older and being away at school all day, and after homeschooling, that was a big change. But I can say, I do believe the old saying is true "absence makes the heart grow fonder"!! (And I'm sure I'll be ready for some 'absence' by the time the new school year rolls around again!!)

Look forward to seeing what fun stuff you and your littles will be doing this summer!