Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today I wanna take a minute to celebrate my Man! Today is his birthday and I just wanna say how much I love him and how great I think he is!

In David I find my security and my stability! He’s got a learner personality so there’s always something new that captures his attention. In our years together this “new thing” has been many things from getting his pilot’s license to guitar lessons to golfing. I love that about him. That he can just pick something and dive into like it’s the best thing in the world! He’s grounded and stable (which I need!) but he’s fun and intelligent as well! I love that!

Its days like this that you think the “what would my life be likes?”

You know – what if we hadn’t dated, married, had kids? What would things be like?

I can tell ya – David is the complete match for me. He has strengths in areas where I have weakness!

He’s kind, giving and thoughtful of the needs of those around him – he’d give you the shirt off is back if you needed it! He’s responsible and he’s a hard worker. I know that no matter what – he’ll always do whatever he has to do to take care of us! He’s a good money manager and likes all that business stuff! He’s committed, he’s smart, and he thinks things through before he does them. I struggle in all those areas!

He’s fun! He taught me to shoot a hand gun – then bought me one! He would have also taught me to shoot a shot gun, then I could learn to dove hunt and shoot skeet but I’m scared of the shot gun! He taught me to drive a jet ski and a boat – now there we have a similar like – we love water sports!

He likes to travel! He’s taken me to Maui – two times, Las Vegas – lots of times, the Grand Canyon, Alaska, Cancun, Key West and many other places! Those were fun times!

Thank you David for everything you have done for me, for the kids, and for our family - yesterday, today and in the future!

I hope you have a spectacular birthday today! Thank you for sharing last year (and all the ones before it that we’ve shared!) with me, and I’m looking forward to another wonderful year this year!

Happy Birthday Baby!

This song – by one of my favorite artists - pretty much says all I feel about David! (in your best Casey Kasem voice) This song is for you Baby!


David Winslow said...


Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog post. I love you very much, and I am thankful beyond what words can express that I get to live life together with you. You are a true blessing to me!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

What a lovely tribute to your hubby! David, you are exactly what Holly needed and you were ever so conscious of her heart when you began dating. You are a mother's answer to prayer for her daughter--someone who loves her completely, totatlly, unconditionally, with a lifetime of love. I thank God for bringing the two of you together! Who would have ever thought???!!!!

Love you all!