Sunday, February 21, 2010


The older I get the weirder I become! Some of you may say – “What? You’ve always been weird!” Yes, I know I have, but I’m saying… this is a new level of weirdness! And I’m getting ready to admit to the whole blog world my deepest weirdness!

I enjoy doing my families weekly dinner menu and grocery shopping list!

There you have it! I said it! It’s weird I know.

Who wants to sit and plan a week’s worth of dinners and then do the shopping list, let alone LIKES to do it! Well, I other than me, I don’t know! But I do like to do it.

Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishing something. It’s a task I can look at, do and finish without too much stress and I like that!

I also like looking for new things to feed my family. Well, David mostly, the kids aren’t big eaters of the newer healthier foods that we’re eating, such as salmon, and grilled chicken salads! Honestly, David’s not a huge fan of some of the foods we’re eating, but he’s a good sport about it anyway – and some of the stuff he’s actually liked. Now, there have been a few things – honestly – just weren’t good, but overall most of the “new” things I’m making are pretty good!

So today, when I should be at church, but am not due to poor Avery’s yucky, I’m going to finish this week’s menu and do the grocery list. I might even get the grocery shopping done today too. Maybe Avery and I will do it after she sees the doc this afternoon?!

Either way, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something and I just love that feeling. So why is it that if I love to make the lists and even do the shopping, that sometimes (not all the time, cause I do love to cook) do I not feel like making the food that I’ve spent so much time preparing for?

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Jessi said...

I have a friend who thoroughly enjoys it too. AND she enjoys the cooking! I keep telling her she can feel free to do it all for me ANY time!! LOL