Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On a rainy day

Today is a double whammy for us at the Winslow house… it’s Wednesday which usually means school and Lunch and Fun (that means an extra hour for Mommy), but since today is Veteran’s Day there is no school for the kiddo’s today. And here’s the double part – it’s rainy! Great!

I’m not unhappy about the rain in and of it self – over the past several years I’ve learned to be thankful for the rain, since there have been many seasons that have been drought conditions, I’m happy to have the rain! But it makes it hard when it’s cold, rainy AND it’s supposed to be a school day! O how my outlook on days off school has changed since I was a teacher! I used to love a day off… now – I wish there were less of them!

So what to do with 2 small children in the house again today – on our second rainy day of the week??? I know first we’ll go to the gym – I’m working up the courage to try a kickboxing class – something I’ve always wanted to try – and after that my choices are these:

- Do a simple craft (as anything too complicated scares me!) which I’m worried will turn into crayon all over everything – cause you know we DON”T use markers!!!

- Watch a movie with the little people (which means maybe Cars and hopefully NOT Dora?!)

- Hope Avery takes a good long nap (since she’s been up basically since about 5AM)

- Let the kids have their way with their toys, the house and each other while I go for a long walk in the rain.

OK – so that last ones not a real option, but it sounded good at the moment and at the moment Luke was chasing Avery with his big tractor (compliments of Mr. Chad) and she was screaming NO and running away crying, oh did I mention Luke was making a shooting noise while driving the tractor?!?!?! See how that last option has some appeal?

This is how it starts - trying to be cute - and it falls apart and ends in yelling and screaming! But they are cute!!

But – I’m gonna look at the bright side, cause things in my life are really great – we’re all healthy (Avery’s fighting her pre-trip yuck but overall she’s good), David has his business which is going well, I have a really wonderful house, I want for nothing, I have two healthy, energetic, happy children and my husband has to be the best guy on the planet Earth! What more could a girl ask for? It’s gonna be a good day!

This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

LOL...may I encourage the concept of using inside voices?? I think that's how you used to keep your students under control. LOL

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Boy, that didn't come across sounding right! I'm sorry...please forgive me! What I meant was that maybe you wouldn't feel like things were so chaotic if their joy was a softer tone. :-)

Love you!!!!!

Holly said...

I understand! I do love an inside voice!!!