Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New Me

Don’t ya love that title? Usually, that’s not the kind of thing you hear until after Christmas – right? With New Year’s resolutions and all that, people wanna get rid of some of the holiday weight they’ve put on so they join a gym go until March and then quite going altogether (I know, I speak from experience!).

But I’ve been trying to make some big lifestyle changes over the last several months. I started with consistent daily devotions. I even hate to call it that, it sounds so “church-y”, but whatever you call it – I’ve made a point to get my rear-end out of bed before anyone else in my house gets up. Now, if you know my precious Boy – you know that’s a feat in and of itself… but many days he goes and plays on the computer, so I’m pretty much alone, and he knows that Mommy is up “reading her devotions” so we have a good working plan!

With the Lord’s help and a renewed deep desire to be in the Word, this has been working pretty consistently for about 6 months now! It’s become part of who I am part of my daily routine and I miss it when I don’t get it in! Now there are mornings I don’t! If one or both of the kids are up in the night, I just cannot seem to get up before them, but overall the Lord has been faithful in helping me wake up and get my quiet alone time with Him and as a result I’ve grown a lot!

The newest thing I’ve added to my “new life” is exercise. Yup – the gym! OH JOY!

Honestly, I really hate working out! It’s hard ya know! Most of my childhood and even into my young adult life I didn’t really worry about my weight. I was very active in gymnastics and ballet and my weight was never an issue – although I knew that one day it might be – I never worried about it. Then I hit my early 20’s and all that metabolism I’d come to count on all those years seemed to stop. Although I’m not sure it was the metabolism as much as some life style choices (but that’s a TOTALLY different kind of post – maybe even for a different kind of blog!), but either way it slowed down and I put on weight. I also pretty much stopped any type of exercise.

Now, that’s all changing. I’ve joined a wonderful gym that’s a ministry of the church it’s attached too and I’ve gone every week day since I joined (which was a week ago today). Every day you ask?!?! Yup, ever day! David assured me that every other day was good as well, and I told him my thinking was this: one day either the kids or myself will be sick and I won’t be able to go, so I should get to it while I can and make it a habit now so it won’t be so hard to start back when comes a time I cannot go each day.

Do you wanna know the best part about going to the gym (cause it sure isn’t the sweating I’m doing)? The kids love, love, love the child care room! I don’t know what it is, but they love it and I’m so glad! Luke actually cried last week after being there an hour – he DID NOT want to leave. I’m so glad they like it and I know they are being well cared for. It makes it a lot easier to get them going with me in the mornings if they know they get to play once we get there!

At this point, I don’t just LOVE to work out, but I am happy with the Pilates classes I’ve taken - even though I’m SURE the instructor is trying to kill me - and I’m happy knowing that I’m taking better care of myself and teaching my children the importance of keeping active and eating better.

I’m also remembering my goal – in September of 2010 David and I will take our 10 year anniversary trip (we still don’t know where) and I wanna be to my goal weight by then! Cause I’m gonna have to get new cloths for that trip anyway, might as well get smaller ones! *smile*

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Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

You go girl!! I'm proud of you!!! Another event to keep your eyes on that might be a little closer than your anniversary trip is Chanda's wedding. Perhaps having something to work towards before September will prove helpful!

Love you!