Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Change your perspective

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but do you ever find yourself bogged down in the day to day stuff? Like the small stuff seems to get bigger and bigger each day and no matter what you do you cannot seem to see a way past it?

The laundry piles up, there’s cleaning – ALWAYS to do, work stinks, co-workers are unkind, the kids who won’t listen, the dogs who wants to go out and as soon as you sit down to drink some coffee the dog wants to come right in again, there’s not enough money for grocery’s, you never get any time to alone just to think and on and on.

I tend to get wrapped up in my own daily life I forget others are dealing with life too, and sometimes it’s SO BIG, I don’t know how they are doing it.

This morning I’d like to share some things that are happening to people. These situations have helped to give me some perspective. I’m not going to use names - in the interest of privacy. Some of these are people I know and love very much other’s are friends of friends that I don’t know as well, but either way – they are hurting and it makes my heart heavy for them…

When you things seem bad just think you could be…

- 40 years old, recently divorced, with kids and have been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. No job, no insurance and you’re family lives several hours away from you.

- the wife of a man who’s been out of work for a long, long time – have lost your job recently and now wonder how you’ll pay the mortgage on your home.

- a cancer survivor but at a recent doc visit they found some nodules on your thyroid and after more studies there’s no cancer, but you still have to have surgery.

- someone who lives every day with chronic back pain and some days it’s so bad you have a hard time getting out of bed.

- the mother of a child with severe allergies and the doctor tells you the best thing you can do for your child is to pull up all the carpet in your home and put down some other type of flooring! But already we’re living on only one income with no way to get extra money to do that…

- in your mid to late 50’s, divorced and working for a company that used to be profitable but is now having financial difficulties (and you worry daily if you will have a job tomorrow) and your income not only provides for you, but for your brother who has severe health issues and his wife and a grown daughter who is fighting cancer.

- the mother who’s been trying and trying to get pregnant. You’ve even gone to the doc and done all that’s medically and financially possible – still no baby. Then one day you find out you are pregnant all on your own! But bad news comes from the doctor’s office that the baby won’t live to full term due to genetic defects and even if by some chance she does, she won’t survive the birth and if by some chance she does she won’t live long after birth. But most likely the baby will die in-utero and you’ll have to give birth to a still born.

You see why that’s changed my outlook?!?! I mean come on, my struggles are nothing compared to what these folks are going through! God has been so good to me! Life changes, things change, circumstances change – but God stays the same and He will continue to take care of me – and all those listed above – just like He’s always done. So today I choose to look at my life and my circumstances as blessings. My glass is not just half full – it’s half full of the Lord!

Look around you today – what can you find that’s half full? In my world today some friends are having their first baby – a girl! I’m so excited for them and the blessings God is pouring out on them! I will celebrate with them today!! I cannot wait to get my hands on that baby girl!

This post isn’t supposed to make you feel sad or down, please use it as a way to see the good in your own life! Please pray for those listed above, I think praying for others changes the way we see things. It takes the focus off of self and puts it onto others and personally, when I look away from myself – my problems don’t seem so big!

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