Friday, July 3, 2009

Time Together

A whole week home and I’m still wishing I was back doing some jet skiing, swimming in refreshing lake water, swinging on the rope swing and long lazy days of vacation at the lake! I guess I need to get my head back into the game and get on with life, hu? Vacations over – I guess I’ll have to look forward to our date night tonight and 2 days away with my hubby next week!

I have the privilege of going with David to Cornelius. Where is that you may ask, and that is a good question. Cornelius, NC is over near Charlotte, NC just a bit north. David won a class – yes won, like called in a radio program and won a 2 day class on investing (why David was listening to an AM radio program on investing would require a whole different post!;-)) down there and I get to go along! Thanks to my wonderful in-laws who are keeping Luke, and our good friends the Lowe’s who are keeping Avery - I get to go along and enjoy 2 solid days to myself!

What will I do with myself? Well, first it’s July, and the hotel we’re staying at has a pool and second I placed an order with Amazon and 5 new books arrived yesterday… so I’ll be out in the sunshine, by the pool with my books and I’m SO EXCITED! Also, I should mention that we won’t be very far from Concord Mills – and so I will be doing some shopping as well!!!!!!!!!! Double YIPPIE!

I’m really looking forward to this little trip! David gets to do something he loves, and I get to just sit and relax and read. And then in the evening after his class is over, I’m looking forward to having dinner with my man!

And for something different we are going on a “real date” tonight! We’re actually gonna go see a movie and go to dinner tonight. I’m not sure I can remember the last movie I saw in the theater! I’m also going to get a pedicure!! It’ll be a fun night! Thanks again to the Grandparents Winslow’s!

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