Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Spoils

I had a really wonderful relaxing time with David while we were away! It was nice – albeit unusually quiet – to have to worry only about myself and do whatever I wanted! I really enjoyed Starbucks at breakfast and a nice dinner with David each day! It’s so different to just “go” somewhere. No getting everyone ready, no packing a diaper bag, no worrying about bath and bed time, it was really nice! I was blessed to be able to go and spend time all alone and to spend some time with my man! It was fun for sure!

I got to lay out by the pool take in some sun (got a bit burned in the places I didn’t reach too well on my own!), read a whole book – up the whole thing – all in one day! Had a nice dinner and visited the new IKEA store! It was fun!

Then the next day it was off to Concord Mills! I was so excited to go shopping – ALL DAY long if I wanted too – that I arrived before it was even open! I made several great purchases! It was a fun day! Here are some pictures of the things I bought!

A really cute dress!

Yes, Mom - with a little jacket!

Some great jeans!

And a simple black shirt

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Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

CUTE dress...and I know there'll be some day that you'll thank me for that little jacket!! ROFL