Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Do you wanna do?

What a morning it has been. I’ve only been up just over an hour and already it’s been, umm… what’s the best word to use… ummm… interesting!

I dislike it when the day starts out in chaos. Kids yelling early – like BEFORE 7AM, dirty diapers to be changed – and today a stinky pull-up (that hasn’t happened in months!), a dog who is NUTS to go outside and then even more NUTS to have her breakfast, a sinus headache and NO COFFEE yet! And most importantly of all no quiet time alone with God. Not a good way to start the day. I have found a web site that posts a daily “mom’s” or women’s devotional, and they are really good because they are kinda short and to the point, and are a good source for finding other reading and study materials. Anyway, this morning’s was about getting up and “giving back you’re first fruits of the day.” That hit home. If I had gotten up this morning – early, and spent time alone with my Savior, I wouldn’t have felt rushed and stressed before I was even dressed!

So starting today, I’m gonna pray that the Lord helps me to feel rested so I can get up and be with him. I usually don’t have too much trouble getting up in the morning, it’s just that I feel like if I sleep a bit more I’ll be a better mom and we’ll all have a better day. I’m thinking that’s not the best way to be thinking any more. Tomorrow, I’m up early to start my day with the Lord who loves me.

We’re gonna switch gears a bit, but on the same subject, so just hang with me!

Like I said, it’s been an interesting morning. Let’s take a quiz real quick… yup, just like in school… pop quiz time!

1) The following quote was said by whom and for what reason… “I just wanna do what I wanna do!”

A. Beth Moore. It’s the title of her newest Bible Study!

B. Luke. It’s what he told his Daddy this morning.

C. Me. It’s how I feel today, and so I’m leaving my kids home alone and doing what I want to do.
D. You. Admit it… you know you feel that way!

Answer: B

Yup, Luke was having a bit of trouble this morning and when he and David sat down to talk about it, Luke informed David that he “just wanted to do, what he wanted to do.” That came on the heels of being punished.

I thought it was a very insightful comment. It hit home in a lot of ways. First, it was kinda funny! I mean he’s 4, what in the world?!?!? He mostly gets to do what he wants to do!!! Second, I thought it was a window into my own mind! So if you picked letter C as your answer that was close!!! I totally feel like that sometimes! I just wanna do whatever I wanna do! But alas, I’m a grown up and have to do what needs to be done! And then thirdly I thought it was a great opportunity for me to see myself as I know God sees me. So if you chose letter D as you’re answer, that’s probably right too!

I find that when I’m really looking and paying attention I can see myself as God sees me in my children. I can see my sinful nature, I can see the stubbornness of my choices, the way I act – my true heart. Kids don’t always know that they are supposed to hide their feelings of selfishness or their thoughts that are not “socially acceptable”. They just say it out! We learn to keep them to ourselves as adults, as we grow we learn what’s ok to share and what’s not, we learn when to share them and when not too. But guess what??? God still sees he still knows how we feel in our hearts and the thoughts we think in our minds! So He knows each and every time I think “I don’t wanna do that Lord, I just wanna do what I wanna do!!!!” He knows the attitude of my heart and mind, even when I don’t say it. The thing I think the Lord is trying to teach me lately is to think more on things that please him, things that will of benefit to him and to His Kingdom.

I’m working on changing my thoughts, taking them captive so they are what He wants them to be, and I know that when I do that the rewards will be more than I would have gotten if I had just “done what I wanted to do!” So spending more time alone with God is a good way to learn to be more of who He wants me to be and less of who my flesh says I should be!

*** As an intersting note - to add to the already intersting day - as I was getting ready to "publish this post" David called. He was on his way to Mebane, NC to a clients when he hit something and POP went his tire. He had to pull over on the side of I-40 to change it! Poor guy! But priase the Lord he wasn't hurt, and he was able to put the spare on without any trouble!


Leslie Carol said...

BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanna do what I wanna do too!!!!! Hopefully I'll change what I wanna do to what God whats!! Love you girl! inspiring!

Jessi said...

Great post!!

Meme said...

that is insighful! We are all there so many times, wanting to do "what I wanna do!" Thanks. that would make a great introduction to a talk for a ladies group, Holly!