Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Lake Trip

Our once time a year family, and I mean just me, David and the little ones, trip to the lake is this week!! Well, this Friday to the next Friday and I am so excited!

Lots of people have asked me what there is to do there… NOTHING besides be in the water, on the Jet Ski or in the boat! Isn’t that awesome!?!?! There’s not really much else to see or do or anywhere to go and that’s one of my favorite parts about the whole thing! It’s just us down there being together as a family, making memories and starting new traditions! I just love it!

It’s a bunch of work to get ready to go. Since there really isn’t anywhere to eat other than at the house we have to take all our food for the whole week. That requires making a meal plan and a huge grocery list (cause the closest grocery store is too far to “just run out” to), and other “things to pack” lists! Ooooohhh, I just love that kind of thing! I love to make a list and make a plan and then work to make that plan all come together! There’s also lots of laundry to be done at home and cleaning before we go, but I just love getting ready to go!

Needless to say that since I’ll be away, I will may or may not be posting some while we’re gone. David has all this technology stuff to make the internet work, but I’m not sure if he’ll take it and all that! So I may be gone from blog world for a while, but I’ll bring back lots of memories and pictures to share! I’ll have my cell (it worked fine there last year) for anyone who might need me!

I’m so excited! I cannot wait to see how the kids do in the water and on the Jet Ski’s!! I cannot wait to spend time just being together! What a blessing!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

You inherited that list thing from me! LOL

Have a wonderful time!!!

Love you!

Nan said...

Have a blast! And, stay unplugged...just bask in your family time!