Friday, June 12, 2009

God is so COOL

I heard about this - my dear friend Jan - last week, and was gonna post, but honestly, I'm so glad that I waited!!! Below is a copy of an email from my friend Sahara - Jan is her Mom. It's better to let you read it in her words!!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. (whispering) she turned 64.

Just about a month ago she was in the docs office getting an ultra sound for a "suspicious sounding artery." During that ultra sound they found "something suspicious" on her thyroid. So she went in the next week for another ultra sound, this time for the thyroid. They found a bunch of nodules on the thyroid, which a week later was biopsied.

We got the news. Thyroid cancer. Surgery in August, treated by some sort of local mock chemo something or another medical talk blah blah blah. Her 3rd cancer. We called the hospital and told them to dust her room prior to our arrival:o)

A lot of people prayed.

A week post the news of cancer the doc said...."hhhhhmmmmmmm....where'd it go?"

One week she has cancer, the next she doesn't. People ask me how that happened. I say, "Well there's this dude named Jesus that loves us.

"What else is there to say???


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