Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Food

Memorial Day weekend! Yippee! It’s a long weekend for most people… my hubby included DOUBLE yippee!!! And to make it even better my folks are coming in on Sunday afternoon!

Growing up my family got together every Memorial Day for a picnic – we got together often for picnics – some very happy memories from those days! So I’m really looking forward to having my parents here for Memorial Day and our friends, the Lowe’s will be joining us for the fun and food as well! We’ll be grilling and eat outside! LOVE that too friends, family, food and good times! I just love for everyone to be outside and laughing and enjoying each other’s company around the grill!

This isn’t a deep post or one where I intended to share some big happy memory… I was just gonna share the menu for the evening. Cause I love parties, and the planning and the food! Oh joy! So here’s our not too complicated Memorial Day grillin’ out menu!

Hamburgers/cheeseburgers/hot dogs
Chili, slaw and all other fixings for the burgers and dogs
Layered salad (made by Leslie)
Mac & cheese (homemade)
Grilled veggies
Tea, soda, water

Ice cream
Cream cheese and fruit thingy (first time making it!)

So that’s it and I’m excited!

If any of you other loyal readers are around and have nothing else to do on Sunday evening and would like to join us we would LOVE to have you!! Let me know so I can make enough food!


Nan said...

Wish I could come! Frank and I are going on a date and the boys are staying at his parents over night! Still, wish I could see friends!

Holly said...

Oh girl - a date sounds good!! Enjoy you're time - OVER NIGHT!!!! YIPPEE! Anytime you all are this way again, you let us know, and we'll grill out and call the whole gang!!!

Jessi said...

Sounds awesome...wish I would've been in the area to stop in!! :)

Holly said...

Me too Jess! I hate that we're so far away!