Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank You!

This post will be a follow up – kind of – to the birthday post.

First, I wanted to thank all of you for all the calls, cards, gifts, FB posts, blog posts and other birthday wishes! Saturday was a really great day! I wasn’t looking to forward to celebrating another birthday (which was pretty evident in the previous post) BUT I got my attitude adjusted and I had a great day!

David had to work Saturday morning, so the kiddos and I hang out here at home. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we just enjoyed each other and the morning together here. Then after David got home, we went outside and watched the kids play (and got to meet a very nice man trying to sell us a Kirby Vacuum cleaner!!) for something like 2 hours! It was really wonderful to be outside and soak up the sun. I actually got sunburn!!! After all that fun, it was time for some “work” so David and Luke took my car to be cleaned! Which was nice – it needed it! I used that time to get ready for our dinner date. We ended up going out for Sushi with our good friends the Locklears! It was a fun evening for sure! Thanks guys!

Then came a really nice surprise – David came home with a gift certificate to Avanti (for those of you who don’t live in this area – that’s a salon and spa!) I got a card for a massage!!! YIPPIE I love that kinda thing! It was really unexpected and very, very thoughtful! Thank you David, for taking the time to think of and do that for me! I cannot wait to use it!

Just as a side note – Friday night some of my girlfriends came over here to help me celebrate. The plan was ice cream cake, coffee, a movie, and some general hangin’ out! Well, we had the cake, the coffee, and the hangin out – with lots of laughing – until about midnight! We never did get to the movie! Thanks ladies for taking time out and away from you’re families to spend the evening with me!! I had a TOTAL blast, and I’m so thankful for the blessing that each one of you are to me! I also learned that all the crack dealers in Winston Salem should LOOK OUT cause there’s one totally rockin’ cop out to get you’re butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, thank you all for your love! I am sure blessed with wonderful friends and family – I don’t know what I would do without you all!!


Meme said...

This verse was on the front of a Dayspring birthday card that Ed received. Verse was written by Roy Lessin.

It is precious....

"Each day God is writing new thing upon our hearts, and our years are the chapters that record His faithfulness."

As my Aunt Marie Patton once said, "Never be afraid to grow older."

Love, Carolyn

Jessi said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you had such a good birthday!

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

LOVE your new wallpaper!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful time at the beach. Can't wait to see you again next week!! Have you decided on a departure time? Have you made arrangements to meet up with Laura yet? If not, AC could use some help in getting the reception area ready.

Love you & really looking forward to seeing you & David next week!