Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Birthday

Sickness, rain, sickness and rain – and then on top of it all I’ve got a birthday coming up. I sure do hope the sun comes out sometime soon, that will surely help things to look up!

Having a birthday used to be reason to get excited – parties, friends, cake, growing up – the future was so exciting!

When I was a kid, there was the excitement of getting to “double digits” – you know – the BIG 1 - 0! Then at 10 I started looking toward 13 because of course at 13 you were a teenager!!! Whoop, whoop!! Then from 13 you look to 16 - the “legal age to drive” whoop, whoop again! Then the REALLY BIG 2 – 1, legal drinking age. Party for sure! And here at 21 you become “like a real adult.” It seems that after 21 birthdays kind of lose their momentum. From here it just seems you get older!

The rest of my birthdays in my 20’s were fun, I guess I don’t really remember any of them in particular but the next big birthday is 30, right? Well for my 30th birthday I was totally sleep deprived with a 3 month old baby! I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep and feeling older by the day ever since!

This year brings a “non” big birthday year – 34. This year I’m just hoping that David, Luke, Avery and I will all be well enough for David and I to go to dinner and the kids to stay with the sitter!! On Friday night I have some wonderful friends who want to celebrate with me. Because we’re all so busy and have kids and husbands and stuff we’ve planned to hang out at my house (poor David has to work on Friday night and since we already have a sitter for Saturday night, I didn’t want to leave the kids again!) and eat ice cream (cause if you know me, you know that ice cream is WAY better than cake!) and watch a movie. Well, our DVD player died and my baby boy is sick – so I’m hoping we will still be able to do that too!

I think what I’m learning is that with each birthday my life should be about what’s really important, like time with my family and raising my kids. Time with my friends, and living my life for the Lord! Making a difference for the kingdom is what is important… it’s not about me anymore now is it?!?! And that’s OK – cause I think God loves parties and I think He send you as a child so that parties are FUN, FUN, FUN! Don’t get me wrong – my wonderful hubby and family and friends are going out of their way to show me they care! But I’m saying that now on my birthday I look back to see the mistakes I’ve made and ask the Lord to help me do better in the future… cause one day I’ll be celebrating my birthday in heaven with my Creator (better than any party on Earth for sure!!) and when that time comes I want Him to be proud of the things I’ve done on Earth with the time He gave me here.

Thank you to all of you who have already made my birthday a special one this year! I love you so much!! I will try to do my best and make the most of my year this year – of course one of the most important things I’ll be doing is continuing to color over the gray hair God has given me! 


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

You got that right...after 21, it's just another birthday & another day older. Sorry. Love you.

Meme said...

Each birthday is a wonderful chance to celebrate the beautiful woman that you are, reflect on what God is doing in our lives, look at the blessings of life, wonderful family and friends, and the privilege of being another year older instead of pushing up daisies! Yes, some of the pizazz goes out of the celebration unless it is a decade or half of a decade. I'm so sorry that we aren't helping with the children right now, but you don't want them to have pink-eye (I have it for the SECOND time and now my purse is loaded with anti-bacterial wipes for the Wal-Mart cart handles!!!) As soon as tax season ends, we are ready to have the children again and we can hardly wait! So you go celebrate and think about good things to come in a couple of weeks! Happy birthday and love to our beautiful daughter-in-law, wonderful wife to our son (he couldn't have found anyone more perfect than you) and terrific mother of two precious grandchildren! Love, Carolyn and Ed

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,and before you forget your Greensboro Academy friends we need to do lunch!
Spring Break is coming up, I will give you a call!

Holly said...

Anne - I would love to see you!!! I could never forget my Greensboro Academy friends, but I would love to catch up!!!