Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have lots of random thoughts going on in my head today! Never good really, but it should help to “unload” them here!

First is this time change crap! What is up with that? I am having the worst time getting adjusted to it – and normally it doesn’t take so long for me to adjust to spring ahead. I like to sleep, I like to go to bed early, so normally it’s not a big deal, but for some reason this time it’s been really bad. I cannot seem to get in bed at a decent time and then I DO NOT want to get up in the morning!! Then yesterday Luke sleep until like 7:30 – that NEVER happens – so everyone in the house was still snoozing in their beds when in an hour we had to be leaving to go to preschool! Now of course today when we have nowhere to be and nothing to do, I heard him under (yes, you read that right UNDER) my bed at 6:30AM! That kid is so cute, but what is up with his sleeping?!?!?

Next, the weathers not great today – after like 5 days of totally beautiful weather – today we’re back to cold and gray and yucky! YUCKY! I’m not in the mood for that. The kids love to be outside and I’ve enjoyed just taking the out and letting them play in the sandbox or play in the driveway or whatever. I’m ready for consistently nice weather. Actually, I’m ready for the pool to open up so we can “get our swim on!” I know Luke is too, cause he’s asked me about it several times.

Next thought – tomorrow is consignment shopping day!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Thankfully my wonderful friend Leslie (who these days is like Avery’s second mom) is going to help me out. She keeps Avery’s on Friday mornings for me (I’m supposed to be cleaning the house while she’s gone) while Luke is in school. No cleaning tomorrow – just shopping! Leslie has agreed to pick Luke up from school and keep both kids at her house for a bit. I was planning on getting them back before she picked up her son at 2:30, but then she asked couldn’t they stay so Luke and Clayton can play? I am trying to learn to say yes when someone offers a break – so even though I don’t “need” the time, I am going to take it. Thank you Leslie and watch out consignments salers – here I come!!!

Life priorities will be the last random thought I will share today. (I have more, but this is getting kinda long). I’ve been thinking a lot lately – and my girlfriends and I talked about it some at the beach – about what’s really important in life, and how BIG the responsibility of raising children is. I’m reminded that my children aren’t even really mine – they are God’s and He has sent them to me on loan and it’s my responsibility to raise them for Him. Boy oh boy – do I forget that on a daily basis. I tend to get bogged down with the day to day stuff and forget that I want my children to grow to love the Lord and live for Him. I want them to see Him in me – hard to see Him in me when I’m upset about toys on the floor and yelling because they cannot get along! So I’m gonna do better – with the Lords help and his grace covering them when I mess up, I’m gonna do better. I love my kids and truly want them to be warriors for the kingdom.

OK, I’m off to try to find a sitter for tonight. I have Bible study and David has to work… lets see if someone can come and keep the kiddos!

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