Monday, December 22, 2008

The next 2 dresses

Dress #3 - these pictures were actually taken by my sister in laws brother! She did wear the dress again to church, but I have lost the camera, and couldn't take any pictures of her that Sunday morning. But these are too cute!

This is the dress she wore this week - but these pictures were taken at the Kauffman Family Christmas Party. I didn't have the camera this week, but it's the same dress!


Jessi said...

Adorable! I miss having a little girl to dress up...mine's not so into me dressing her, OR frills anymore!

Is that Reagan with Avery?

Holly said...

Thanks Jess, I am SO ENJOYING dressing her!! It's so fun!!!

Yes, that's Reagan! Hard to believe, isn't it? The family is very thankful this year for what the Lord has done for her and given us! She's a wonderful baby!!

Amy said...

I love all the dresses! Avery is making quite a fashion statement this Christmas! It must be nice to have a new dress every Sunday =)! Just wait till Easter! Thanks for the beautiful matching dress for Reagan! Do we have the cutest little girls or what?!?!!!

Holly said...

I agree, we do have some really cute little girls!! I so enjoyed our time together yesterday and am so sorry that we missed you guys last night! Give that niece of mine a big hug and kiss!