Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's always something

That seems to be how things are going these days! It’s always something – something good, or something bad, something lost, gone, misplaced, given away (without meaning too), NOT given away when it was supposed to be, sickness, driving into the garage wall by mistake (and unfortunately it wasn’t the first time!), my son getting our computer TOTALLY infested with spy wear, friends moving far, far away and on and on.

It’s supposed to be a time of year when I’m focused on and thinking about the birth of my Savior – Satan’s working overtime this year to keep me from doing that, I think! So I’ve just decided to GET OVER IT!

Its Christmas time, my parents are coming and I think this year will be the most fun yet with Luke on Christmas morning!! What really warms my heart – but I haven’t been focusing on it enough – is that when you ask Luke who’s birthday we celebrate on Christmas he says emphatically – JESUS! I know he doesn’t fully understand it yet, and on Christmas morning the most important thing to him will be his presents under the tree, but I know that there is a seed planted in his little, tender heart and that one day (I pray for it every night!) that Christmas morning will dawn in his heart as a special day – not because of the gifts under the tree – but because that’s the day that his Lord was born and then 33 years later Jesus hung on a tree for his sins. That’s what I should be focusing on these few days before Christmas!

So this blog is to help me clear my head of all the other junk, and to move into my head and heart that wonderful, miraculous baby in the manger and how HE changed my life and how I really want my children to know the amazing-ness of a Christ filled life too. I really want to focus on my eternal gift of life this Christmas Season and remember that Jesus did not have to be born in a dirty stable and laid in an animal feeding trough, but that he CHOSE to do that for ME – yup, for ME! If I had been the only person in the whole wide world who needed His saving grace, He still would have come to earth and died for me.

With all that on my heart and mind – there’s not room in my “inn” (or my brain!) for anything else!

So from now on – the “something” I will be focusing on will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas to you!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Happy to see you blogging & posting pics again! You & David are doing a great job of directing your children in the way they should go! God will honor & bless you for that.

Can't wait to see y'all!
Love you!

Nan said...

Totally with you! I wrote a "to do list" today and not one thing had to do with Jesus! The sad thing was it didn't dawn on me until Frank and the boys started to pray for me! No wonder I feel so stressed! Love you tons!

Leslie Carol said...

Mercy Sakes Alive! I just had my time with Jesus by reading your blog this mornin! Thanks for leading me to Him! I love you!