Friday, November 21, 2008

Sittin' with Santa

We had the awesome privilege of being invited to join my in laws at their care group last night. It was a special occasion for sure and all were invited because they had a special visitor! That’s right, Santa Clause! It was the first time Luke has seen Santa up close and the first time he sat on Santa’s lap. He did very well! Does anyone want to guess what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas? That’s right again – Thomas the Train stuff!

This was also Avery’s first experience with Santa – she didn’t do as well as her brother – as you’ll see from the pictures below. She did however LOVE Sandy Goude’s bear! So the evening wasn’t a total loss!

It was neat to see Luke with Santa. What a fun time of year!

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Meme said...

Our December issue of Guideposts came today. there is a great article in there about "Santa Cliff". Luke jumped up and down when Santa came thru the door!